March 2023

A much needed update for 2023 

In March we were….


After 6 months of so many tears and questions and confusion not knowing what will happen or when or how… God parted the seas, He performed the miracle, He made the way and I am FINALLY back with my girls!!

But…. It’s not at La Limyè. Unfortunately Haiti has gotten worse, not better. The gangs are still in control terrorizing the city, towns, and villages. Famine is real, kidnappings are rampant, and everyone lives in fear to walk down the street. 

With one of the gangs having taken over a community just 20 minutes from us I decided it was time to evacuate the girls. Our town started to have a few issues but nothing major. But out of responsibility for these girls’ lives and for precautions, I evacuated them to a new city. A safer city. The girls and a few employees took a boat then a plane to a new, TEMPORARY home in a new city far away from the gangs.  

La Limyè is still up and running by the brave employees who stayed behind. The community center for sewing class, kids club, and feeding programs will be able to open and ran by my dedicated employees until we can return. The learning center for children with special needs can reopen as soon as our bus gets out of customs. (Praying it’s this week!) The employees will hold down the fort and keep everything running until it’s safe enough to go home again. We are thankful we had the opportunity to pack up and leave out of precaution before it was too late. 

With all my heart I know this was the right decision. It’s the safest decision for the lives of these girls. And a bonus it meant I could return! 

The girls were in a hotel while I got the rental house prepared. We weren’t able to take everything from La Limyè one because of space and two because we’ll be returning one day when things calm down in Port Au Prince. So trying to buy supplies and get things settled and adjusted here while also running the La Limyè programs from afar through constant communication and coordination with the employees is a bit tough. But God has shown me that he’s in control every step of the way. He directs the path and gives peace and guided this journey into fruition. The waves of grief were real and raw and I thought I’d never come above the water. But God! God was in control laying out the steps through it all and finally, always eventually, the storm ends and the grass grows, and the flowers bloom, and love and hope and joy flow back into the ever beating heart. 

God is good. And He can be trusted through every trial and heartache and worry. He is in control and with that we may rest in His promises.


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