Saturday, July 10, 2021

God Listens

 Yesterday evening our little puppy got out and ran to the neighbors yard. Our neighbor is a voodoo priest and no one is allowed to go into his garden behind his house except him because that’s where spirits come and sacrifices are made. Even the people that were in his home weren’t aloud to go into the garden and he wasn’t home for us to ask permission. So we waited and waited for the puppy to find it’s way back home but it was already getting dark and the dog was somewhere in the giant field of plantains that were off limits to everyone except the witch doctor. It wasn’t fear that kept my security guards  from going into his garden to look for the dog, it was respect for our neighbor and his property. 

I told the girls to pray and if God wanted the dog to come back and live with us, we’d find her. The girls prayed and ask God to lead the dog back to our home and then we all went to sleep. The next morning, the little puppy was found, brought back to us, and the girls with their child like faith were screaming with excitement! 

God heard their prayers. God answered their prayers. And now they are saying thank you. 

Prayer is powerful and childlike faith is beautiful. My girls witnessed that this morning and I hope they never forget it. I hope this is just the start of them seeing the power of prayer from our  God even in the little things. 

“I love the Lord because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath!”

Psalm 116:1-2

We are growing!

 ⭐️ My girls are getting a new home ⭐️ 

My board of directors and I have contemplated this idea for two years and it’s finally coming together. 

By building this new home, the girls will have a lot more space which is very much needed as they get older. 

It’s further from the main road so they will be more secure from the knocks on the gate, delivery trucks, visitors, etc. 

It’ll be built up to code by an amazing architect and contractor that also built our learning center and community center.

AND it’ll allow the existing girls home to be used for team housing/interns AND more outreach classes. 

Right now the community center is used almost every morning and evening every day for different activities but I feel like God has been throwing some ideas my way of expanding some of the ministry outreaches and having that extra space is just what we need.

When I was 22 years old I stood in one corner of the yard and told the builder to go stand over there and that’s how we decided on how big the rooms would be. Thus being 22 and having no idea what I was doing, it is not logistically set up well for 10 sweet residents, but it’s perfect for teams and daily outreach classes and whatever else God lays on our hearts to use it for. 

So here we are!!! Jumping into the deep end holding hands with God and leaning on the power of faith and prayer. 

God knows. He cares. He’s in this. He will provide. And the girls and the community that attends classes will have the space they need to grow and thrive and learn and maybe just maybe teams will get to come back soon because we miss you all so much! 

God willing, if everything works out, this project will be done in 5 months. I’ll keep you updated along the way. In the meantime, pray for provision, for guidance, and for all who will be blessed by this new addition at La Limy√®!


 I was talking to someone the other day who just took her baby to his one month check up. We were both so proud that he’s already almost 10lbs at 4 weeks old and loves to eat! But it reminded me again how malnourished Dachena was being 13 months old and weighing 13lbs. A sack of bones. I mean how little do you have to feed a child to keep them alive but be starved to nearly deaths doorstep? How many days did she not get fed? If her mama was still alive I’d say poverty played a role. Which isn’t fair. But if daddy was in the picture I’d say neglect played a role. Which isn’t fair either. Either way, the repercussions of starvation and being neglected are becoming more and more evident with this girl. She requires a lot of patience, and love, and structured discipline too. 

But still to this day babies are starved and on deaths door step and we forget it’s even happening. It’s hard to imagine until that baby is on your door step. 

Although I had wished there was a way for you to have been able to stay with your biological family rather than have to leave them, that’s not always the healthiest answer and that wasn’t an option 5 years ago. Every story is different. 

But Dachena, I love you and your heart and your mind that I can’t quite understand sometimes, and your strength and your smile, and your eagerness to always help me around the house. 

Someone recently asked “what can you do for her?” My answer was “well if we lived in a 1st world she’d have doctors and therapists and medication and resources. But we don’t. We live in a 3rd world. So we have God. And prayer. And that’s it. And it’s ok. 

Life is weak but God is strong.

Armed men and armed Angels

 We live behind a 9 ft cement wall with not one but two rows of layered barbed wire on the top. Once you get through that, we are inside a concrete house with multiple metal security doors and bars on every single window. If that’s not enough, there are armed guards standing watch in the property and a handful (or two) of dogs that are VERY territorial. 

And then the only thing that really matters.... We have the God of Angel Armies watching over us and this property. A God who knows all and sees all and who is worthy to be trusted. Even in the unknowns and the what if’s and the dark middle of the night eerie sounds, He above everything else, is worthy to be trusted. 

It would be such a tragedy to not accept that confident security that’s readily available will a quick call on His name. That All-powerful, All-Knowing, God of Angel Armies in your most anxious, worried and fear driven nights. 

Post traumatic stress disorders can cause lasting affects for months or years to come. It’s debilitating and crippling because of its strong grip of “this is what did happen, which means this is what might happen again.” 

For me, flare ups or triggers have come in a variety of ways. A knock on the gate if they use a rock instead of their hand which sounds louder, a balloon that pops sounds like a shotgun, a drive down certain roads that caused fear in the past, dogs barking at 1am, kids being sick and the road to the clinic is blocked with burning tires....

But God is faithful and no matter what comes my way, no matter what comes your way, He is still in control. His plan will prevail. His will will be done and we can trust in that. Fully. Completely. 

God is God and HE IS GOOD!