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An excerpt from our Spring Newsletter

Emmanuel - God With Us! Do you ever wonder, “Where is God?” We are living in difficult times right now wondering what will be made of all this. How long will it last? Illness seems to be overtaking the world, the loss of jobs, the lack of medical equipment, our anxiety for the future, our hungry stomachs and hungry souls…all have us wondering, “Where is God?” During the Easter Season, It Feels Like We Are on Day Two. On day one, Jesus is crucified. He was to rise from the grave, but with such agony, it was hard for the people to remember and believe. On day three He is risen from the dead…but what about day two? Don’t you think the world wondered what would become of all this? Is it really over? So much pain and confusion, heartache and grief. But Then Day Three Came! It came then, and it will always come because God is still on the throne. He is still in charge and will always be with us. We are His body on earth and it is our job to tell the world that yes, day two is frig

Life in Haiti during a Pandemic

I feel guilty for writing a blog about my life when it seems the world is falling apart all around us. This is just for my supporters and prayer partners through the ministry who have asked for an update. So here is where I've been the last few weeks: "Unless your faith is firm, I cannot make you stand firm."   Isaiah 7:9 From the time of hearing the first case of Coronavirus had arrived in Haiti until 10 days later when the last flight would leave Haiti with no others authorized to come or go until the unknown future, I cried out to God for an answer.  Literal tears in almost frustration towards God that I didn’t feel like I had a clear answer as to if I was to stay in Haiti, or go to America. Deep down I knew the answer. I knew what I had to do, but fear shook me to my core.  Every few hours the embassy would send out an email:  “ American citizens who wish to return to the United States should plan to do so immediately .  The U.S. Embassy is no