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A fathers love

He bent down and kissed her sweet cheek. My eyes lit up as I watched this father with his child. He actually wanted his daughter. Even though the mother died at child birth, he still loved his baby. Rare. So many times I see fathers giving up their kids. Too much work. Too much responsibility. No bond. But he was different. He showed me that he loved her. But he could not provide. He wanted to give her up for her sake. He wanted me to take her and raise her. But I wouldn't. I couldn't after seeing the way he looked at Vadgencia. I said my speech that I say every time someone offers me their child. "I'll help you with formula, diapers, and a job...if you will raise her. It's always better for a baby to stay in a family." So many times they still say no... but not this dad. He will work his hardest to raise his daughter. He will do anything he can to help his baby girl. Vadgencia has a disease causing a tissue to cover up part of her airways causing her diffic