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There is always something to look forward to.

May 25th 2016 A very long day! I left my house at 3:40 to take a friend back to the airport. His flight was at 8 but due to the main bridge collapsing about a month ago, traffic has become really bad. My dad was here last week and it took us 6 and a half hours to get home. A trip that usually takes 1 hour. This is the new “normal”! So we watch the sunrise as we drive down the road. About 20 minutes away from the airport, the bus breaks down. I had a driver and 2 security guards with me and they all tried to fix it with no luck. The clock kept ticking and I was getting nervous that David would miss his flight so I sent him on a motorcycle the rest of the way! Thankfully, he made it without any problem. After 13 and a half hours of sitting in that bus, I was finally freed!! I wasn’t allowed to go outside due to being in a rough area of town but they did let me find a toilet, but only once! We ate crackers and drank water and watched the kids go to school, and then watched them leave fro


Dachena 13 months old. Abandoned. Starved. motherless. These are the words I received when I got the call that my 3rd child was about to join La Limye. On April 29 she was carried into my house, practically lifeless. Hollow eyes, enlarged stomach, weighing 11 pounds. She was so little. Every crevice of every bone showed in her fragile body. She couldn’t even pull herself to sit up from lying down. She didn’t make a sound. I held her little body for what seemed like forever. Holding her tight. Wondering how long she sat on the side of the road, in the dark, all alone. Repeating over and over again “Jesus loves you.” Wondering if I could get her the nutrients she needed. Or if it was already too late. Malnutrition. I hate it. The way Dachena feels is like the way we feel when we are sick, but 10 times worse, and every single day of her entire life. So she is irritable. she is cranky. She is worn. But she holds on to hope. The only movement she had was to reach her right hand out as


Noldine # 2 I have known this little girl for 2 years now. For some reason, I bonded with her more than any other child in the village. She was different. She was special. When I first found her, she was sitting in the dirt. She could not walk or talk at 2 years old. This is what started our journey together. Through the power of prayer, people came together to help buy her food and vitamins. I worked with her everyday trying to get her to balance on two feet. She was malnourished, neglected, and developmentally slow. Her knees stayed bent and her back was crooked. But after some time she miraculously started to crawl, and then walk, and slowly a year later, started to talk. When I opened the orphanage I wondered everyday if she would come. I knew in order to get her the schooling and care that she needed, she needed to come but I also knew that she had family. And sometimes it is best to keep the child with the family. But Noldine was different. All of my family and friends already