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Amy Carmichael once said: "If one is preparing to storm the bastions of heathendom, it will not do to blench at creepie-crawlies." I'd say I have done pretty well dealing with the gigantic roaches and lizards. I think I am winning the battle with the misquitoes...I'd even give myself a pat on the back for checking all corners of my house only once every night after finding a snake in the backyard. But I have new visitors now, and quite frankly I am not too fond of them. RATS! After doing my nightly checks for the boogieman, I found these little friends welcoming theirselves in. Ofcourse, I call my boyfriend because that creature has just caused my already high stress levels to elevate, and I just know Marckenzy loves to deal with my high maintance, no tolerance, Americanized I want them dead now attitude! I also called  mama, both of whom said "do not worry about it, they will not bother you!" After my friend with an 8inch long tail decided to clim

It is real

I awaken to the wails of a dog being murdered...and the voodoo drums begin to get louder and louder. They raise the spirits, they sacrifice, and they dance. They dance forhim. They dance for the devil himself and at 2am I am awake and listening and there is no escaping. I do not get to change the channel or look the other way. I can not ignore it or pretend like it is not real. But I try to and I repent. But no,  I should not ignore it because I know it is real. The murders are real The hunger is real The devil is real The cries are real The prostitution, and disease, and all my precious brown eyed babies over here are real. It is all real. There is no escaping the reality. So what is the conclusion? Deal with it by acting upon it. We are going to have to deal with it when Jesus askes us if we are a sheep or goat. If we fed His people or not. So let us start now... Me and you together. Do not have contractors install better windows so you can tune out all the noise.