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The Learning Center for Special Needs

It is with great anticipation and overflowing excitement to finally say that our Learning Center for children and teens with Special Needs will be opening JUNE 18TH!! Here’s some background info: Back in February riots broke out for 2 whole weeks across this little island causing the construction on the community center (next door to the learning center) to be delayed and postponed and delayed again. The learning center could not open because there were piles of rocks, sand, and nails spread out all across the yard. It also would be hard to open the learning center while construction men are making noise right outside the windows as well as trying to push wheelchairs as we maneuver around piles of rocks and gravel. Good news arrived a few weeks ago and I was told the community center would be complete the last week of May give or take a few days.... But then an accident occured and our head welder sliced his finger and broke it while putting on the door frames. I rushed him to the