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It’s not the first time it has happened. The nannies start yelling for help. I drop everything and run into the nursery to find Noviette rolling on the floor, wailing uncontrollably. The babies are put into their cribs for safety for when arms start flying. All that she will say is that her head is “giving her problems”. All I can do is hold her tight and pray. Pray that all evil leaves her body. Pray that the God of angel armies fills her up with tender loving care. That God puts peace into her bones and calms the storm that is raging inside her soul. “You’ve lost Satan. You’re done. You aren’t welcome here and You have no power over this child of God. In the name of Jesus YOU WILL FLEE.” November is a big month for my next door neighbor, the witch doctor. Voodoo is what some people have blamed all of this on. That the spirits enter and exit Noviette’s mind whenever they want. And because she already have special needs, they have easier access into her mind. Fe Kadejak. It m

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Let’s be honest. There is a lot of things missionaries don’t tell their supporters. For instance the feeling of “ burn-out” for fear that finances will stop coming in. Or explaining the stress and chaos of daily life overseas for fear that they might see you as unfit, unqualified. But let’s be real. We need to be real. So take us missionaries off the pedestal. We are no more worthy. No more holy. No more strong. So read into my diary. You’ll hear the good stories. Stories of success and dedication and victories… but be ready, because you’ll see the nitty gritty stuff too. The stuff that I shouldn’t share but have to. You have come on this journey with me as I spill out my heart onto pages. So here we go. Life doesn’t prepare you to bury your newborn child. Life doesn’t prepare you to watch your 2 week old fall unconscious and stop breathing. It doesn’t prepare you for the knocks on your door “offering” children to you time after time again. It does not prepare you for the mountains