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A big thank-you goes out to Loving Orphans Global for letting me partner with them!! If you would like to donate to my work in the beautiful land of Haiti you can go to or simply text the words with the message being the dollar amount. It is simple, secure, and tax-deductable. Thank-you to everyone who is helping Acts 26:18 become possible. I will be in Haiti tomorrow!! Excited to see what all the Lord has in store. Praying for guidance, clarity, and the open doors to make disciples! God is good. His will be done.  

This is life

Pretend you are a member of a Haitian family. Mom, dad, grandparent or aunt or fourth cousin twice removed, and a couple children in the same home. Between 70 and 80 percent of Haiti is unemployed so one of those people is bringing home an income. Minimum wage in Haiti is about $3 a day . Assuming you work every single day, you bring home about $90 a month. You are a squatter, living where you can, moving when you can’t anymore.  Because of deforestation there is little wood available to build your home. You need to scrounge for other supplies.  You could rent an apartment, but the average price for a one bedroom apartment outside the city is $425 a month. Assuming you spent nothing to build your house and you spend nothing to maintain it then you could choose to buy utilities. Electricity (if it’s available in your town), running water (which you have to have a well and pump for), and garbage services (only available in big cities), is $20 a month. You have to feed yours