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The Nightmare

News articles called it a massacre.  We called it the new nightmare of reality. In the middle of Tuesday night the gang killed around 16 people and set fire to over 10 homes and word is out that over a dozen more people are still missing. Over a dozen families broken forever. Over a dozen families traumatized forever. A whole community displaced as refugees because home is now a war zone. I woke up to the news yesterday and texted my friend who lives just up the road from me in Haiti. Both heartbroken and in utter shock for this to happen just 20 minutes south of us. Why are they doing this? I don’t know. Why won’t anyone help Haiti? I don’t know. How or when will I ever see my children again? I don’t know. But I still trust You, my Lord. With every ounce of my being. My town has been calm and I’m so proud of that. But the gangs new territory just South of us is blocking all traffic from the capital still. As in necessary supplies can’t be brought in and only a select few brave people