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Underserved Privlege

How has it already been almost one year? It feels like yesterday in so many ways. Getting that phone call before the sun had time to rise. Trying to control my emotions so as to focus on staying between those blurry lines painted on the highway. Busting through those squeaky double doors as the nurses move aside so I could make my way to Sophia's bed. To be in utter belief and shock that's it's over. The fight is over. Had we lost? Had we won? Depends. Depends on how I wanted to look at it. When Melody died one year before Sophia, she was in my arms half a mile from the hospital. I didn't know, or maybe refused to believe that she died before running through the front doors of that hospital, so they generously said they would take care of the burial since she was pronounced dead in their ER. I remember the intense feelings all too well of her being carried in a box on the shoulder of a stranger as he tapped her box to make music while he hummed through the cemetery

A Community Center

It is with so much joy and built up anticipation that I get to announce La Limyè is building a community center for outreach projects!! --------------------------------------------- This has been my dream and vision for so many years. To have a place for the local Haitians to come and get blessed. To have opportunities. To learn and grow in their understanding of Jesus and to have endless ways to learn in skills and knowledge. A HUGE thanks to all of our generous donors! We truly could not have done this without each and every one of you. Whether by English classes, church services, bible studies, teaching trades and skills such as woodworking or literacy, we now will have the opportunity to pour into the lives of the Haitian people under the shade of a roof and away from the beautiful, though noisy 11 little girls in the front yard!------------------------------- The pavilion type community center will be directly next to the school for children with disabilities and will also be used