Friday, December 23, 2016


Homeless squatters. You wrecked my life. You cause me to lose sleep. You reopened my eyes. You've challenged me. Sadly, I was numb. After seeing and living next to poverty for more than 3 years I'll admit I became a bit immune to it.  I could sleep just fine at night even though the world was a mess....until I met you. You wrecked my life. I remember walking into the shack that serves as a squatting area for all of the homeless, the outcast. We made eye contact, but your eyes were empty. You crawled on the floor trying to peak around the crowds to see what I was doing. Polio stole your hope 14 years ago and you lost faith after your parents abandoned you. And now you are left to crawl around on the dirt floor with your big mighty arms because your legs are crippled and bent.
You were alive yet lifeless. You were awake yet dead. You were among the 100 people in this abandoned shack squatting in a place you call home. I've seen a lot of poverty. I've seen death's doorstep. I've seen disease, starvation, and places of hell on earth. But after going to your house, I broke. And there is no mending. People ask how I'm doing and I say fine. But really deep down I'm screaming. I cry because of the unjust world we live in. I buy a ticket and come to the States hoping to seek peace only to find my self driving into the city searching for the homeless. Because with you, I feel at home. With you, I see Jesus. And I know many days you go to bed hungry. And many days you don't believe there is a God who adores you. And many days you want to end your life. And I pray and I pray and I pray that the light with pierce through the darkness and illuminate the whole house with the presence of JESUS! No 14 year old should ever ever ever have to go to bed hungry, feeling unloved, and forgotten. Where did we get off tract. Where did we loose the adrenaline to spread the name of Jesus to the deepest and darkest places. Why do we pray to a CRUCIFIED SAVIOUR TO KEEP US SAFE?? Jesus is not safe and comfortable. Jesus did not spend time with the religious elite, the rich, and the fame. He was with the dirty poor outcasts, and that is exactly where I see Jesus.
You live 15 minutes from me. 100 people in a 3 bedroom structure. Not one single bed. Not one single toy. Not one single drinking cup. Only a hand full of fabric used for sleeping on... or wearing. I see a 75 year old man desperate for cataract surgery. A 64 year old man shaking from hernia pain. A grandmother curled in the corner crying with no one to take care of her. I see children that are growing up without knowing how to read or write. I see dads loosing all dignity by stretching out their embarrassed hands for pennies. And I saw you. A 14 year old homeless boy with polio. I go to Target thinking it would be fun but all I could think about is you. Where did I lose sight of Jesus. When did we get so caught up in ourselves. Why are we warming the church pews every single week and never moved by the power of God. Why do I live in a 3rd world country yet am still blinded to the need around me. Oh God shake us up. Make us run the race to feed your sheep. Let us NOT grow weary in doing good. May you be our 1st, 2nd and last priority of every single day. Raise up 14 year old boys and girls across the world who will BOLDLY go to the places of hell on earth and fear no evil for you will be with them. "Jesus didn't die to make us safe. He died to make us dangerous. Faithfulness is not holding the fort. It's storming the gates of hell." - Mark Batterson