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One year ago...

One year ago today I moved to the beautiful island of Haiti. One year ago today I can remember mixed emotions. My life had been shattered and would never be mended again. I remember saying my goodbyes to my normal life, to everything that was familiar to me. Goodbye to my family not knowing when I would see them again. One year ago today I remember walking down a dark sketchy alley trying to buy a mattress. One year ago today I remember crying my self to sleep wondering how Gods plan would unfold. One year later I have learned a new culture and customs and the one I grew up with is now foreign. One year later I now say goodbyes to the multitude that die from treatable preventable diseases and still wonder when, if I will see them again. One year later, that mattress is still comfy but most nights its too hot and the cement floor on the porch is much more inviting. One year later I still cry myself to sleep. I have been pulled out of my comfort zone and thrown into the war. I

Up on the rooftop!

WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE LA LIMYE NOW HAS A ROOF!!!! Technically it is only the ceiling of the first floor but it will be used as a roof until the second floor is made! GOD IS GOOD! We cannot say thank-you enough and we cannot send praises enough to our amazing King Jesus for bringing us this far. My faith has been strengthened by the love and support of you all who have made this vision come true. I would say we are at the half way mark. It is half way livable! May God's name be glorified each step of the way as we continue to try and shine HIS light into the country of Haiti. Now I know you all are wondering... what is next?! We have to plaster the walls with cement. (smooth out the cinder blocks and fill in the rebar holes) needed: 2 loads of white sand at $125.00usd each 300 bags of cement at $8.50usd each We are in communication with a water well drilling ministry and looking at a dual system so that the children's home as well as the communi

The road less traveled by

I have had many girls email me expressing their desires to live overseas and live out the Great Commission. (I am still praying about where all the guys are!)... but since I am no expert at this life I have decided to look at the words of Amy Carmichael and Elizabeth Elliott for advice! First question: Are you a fool? First answer: YES! For the same reason Apostle Paul was, for Christs sake "We follow a stripped and crucified Savior, those words go very deep. They touch everything- motives, purposes, decisions, everything. Let them be with you as you prepare your spirit for the new life. Dear, you are coming to a battlefield. Don't play through life." "A new arrival might at first see only flowers and babies and bright faces and you will feel, I hope, a general sweetness and happiness...under the sweetness there is a real cross." "Is the work for which we want the money Gods chosen work for us or our chosen work for Him?" "If one is pr