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The Roar

"The door is locked. Dead bolted. Maybe even a chair under the door knob. Inside sit 10 knee-knocking itinerants who are astraddle the fence between faith and fear. As you look around the room, you wouldn't take them for a bunch who are about to put the kettle of history on high boil. Uneducated. Confused. Callused hands. Heavy accents. Few social graces. Limited knowledge of the world. No money. Undefined leadership. And on and on. No, as you look at this motley crew, you wouldn't wager too many paychecks on their future. But something happens to a man when he witnesses someone who has risen from the dead. Something stirs within the soul of man who has stood within inches from God. Something stirs hotter than gold fever and more permanent than passion. It all started with 10 stammering, stuttering men. Though the door was locked, He still stood in their midst. "As the father has sent Me, I am sending you."  And send them He did. Ports. Courtyards. Boats.

November Pictures