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My 6th baby came in July and made her place as the youngest of the other girls. 2 months old and so so adorable! A head full of black curls. One look at you and my eyes lit up. I knew you were now mine. I was amazed at your tiny body but oh so chubby cheeks. Your daddy died before you were born and your mama is no where to be found. It was a breath of fresh air to receive a baby that came without one bit of sickness in the body. Amandalina, you are loved. I had a vision that morning. I would receive a little baby. I would bring another crib into the room and set up your belongings. I saw it all in my head, but shorty forgot about it. Assuming I was day dreaming. But little did I know, you were in route as I was thinking about you. You were on your way to make your grand appearance at your new home. Weighing in at 8 pounds it was a joy to unpack the newborn clothes and start watching you grow from the very beginning. I love you my little sunshine. Welcome home.

The watermelon house

I was driving down Route one. The main road to get anywhere around here. I drive it a few times a week. Several times a month. For the last 3 years. This road gives breathtaking scenery. Crystal blue oceans on the left and green lush mountains on the right. Usually I am taken away by the beauty of God's masterpiece, but this time something caught my eye. There are watermelons for sale all along this road and there are hundreds of little house huts on the mountainside next to the watermelon sellers. All I know was that it was the push from God to stop the car and walk up to these huts. Fear was in me as I wondered who these people were. If they would accept me intruding in their lives. My mind was racing as I tried to think of what to say. Why after three years did I decide to approach these people? But when I arrived at the house, already out of breath from the hike up, walking on rocks and weaving in and out of watermelon vines, my heart fell out of my chest.  I tried to act

School for kids. Jobs for parents

Kids in school = Parent jobs I heard a knock at the gate. It was Lovemica and her mama. They had returned to my house to ask once more if I would take the rambunctious two-year-old. She sat back down at my table and I talked with the mom. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she explained to me that she had nothing. Nothing at all. And she was the only one her daughter had. Nobody else was around to help. And my heart broke in two. This was the third time this month someone has arrived at my gate with a child. A child they loved, and cared for, and wanted, but had no way of providing for her. I explained how much a child needs their mama. I told them that their daughter yearns for them. And if there’s any way possible of keeping the child united with family, that is the road we will take. So I drove Lovemica and her mama back to their tiny house where 10 other people slept. Lovemica showed me the floor that she slept on and showed me her closet. Which was empty. Exce