Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My house

Is this your house Ellen? It is so pretty!!!

No Sindy, this is not my house. This is a convenient store, not my pantry.

Her first time out of the village and into a store where she was allowed to choose whatever she wanted was a dream come true for this little 7 year old.

    Sindy's house
She chose the 1/2 gallon jug of juice. No, not because she is greedy. No, not because she is selfish. She chose it because she knows she will share it with the rest of the family and it might be the only clean liquid that goes down her throat for the next few days. So we bought juice and crackers and bread and  I went to sleep knowing that no hunger pains would come that night. 1 night down, 364 more to beat.
Marvens house
The storm moves in and the rain begins to fall and I begin thanking God, because the rain cools off the house. At 2am I awake realizing the rain has stopped, I am sweating, and I begin to pout. I take a towel throw it on the patio outside, and pray for more rain or a little wind so I could fall back to sleep on the cement floor. 

You see, I do not like my house. I have been complaining about it for the past 10 months. I live upstairs and when they say heat rises they are not kidding!! It is hot and there are too many giant cockroaches and I would really like to have an oven and a fridge and some a/c.  So I begin to complain, to myself I guess, because I do not think God was listening.  I think he was rolling His eyes at me.            
                                                                                                                                Rwodlen on the right
       When I was done venting , and realized no one was listening I began to think.  We just had a lot of rain here in Haiti. And a lot of rain is not good.  So I start to worry. I think of James and wonder if his roof fell in because it was barely on in the first place.  And Sindy has huge holes in her roof and if her house is not already flooded, I know all of their stuff is soaking wet.  Marvens is only 10 months old and his house is made of sticks and mud and there is no way he can help himself. We just buried the mom of a little boy named Rwodlen. And now at 5 years old he has no one to hold him tight and tell him it is going to be ok.
The thunder is rolling and the lightning is striking and everyone is loosing the little income they could have because the plantain fields have fallen to the ground. Now Noldine is not sitting in the dirt, she is sitting in the mud and at 2am in my mansion of a house I begin to cry. I had let the worldly desires swallow me up.

Dare I ever bring those children to the house I live in here. You see Sindys house is the size of my bathroom.  But she has to share it with 4 other people. I get to have it all to myself. Plus a bedroom and a real toilet and two suitcases filled to the top with food and more choices then she has ever had. So why wouldn’t she assume the convenient store was my pantry? 

These children have seen and heard enough about up north to know we have it good.

We buy storage sheds just to put more of our stuff in. It is growing dust and it is wasting away. Matthew 6:19

No I don’t want to guilt you in to giving it all away. Yes my house also is full of stuff that I don’t need, but I want you to open your eyes to the world around us. Too many of my family and friends are turning a blind eye to this war because they don’t want to deal with it. It is not their problem. It is too sad of a book.  Don't get swallowed up like I did.

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends….I have called you my friends…”  John 15:13,15

I will lay down my life for my King, if He will call me His friend.

 What if it was your child. If your baby was starving, lost, scared to death or half dead from disease, you would do everything you could to get to him or her.
                                                                                                                  Marvens and his mom
But what if you couldn’t. What if your baby was trapped and there was nothing you could do to save him? You would call up every friend you had and say I need your help. I will give you the coordinates and I will prepare the way for you, just please go help my child. You see, these are Gods children. And he is looking to us to lay down our lives and take care of His family. That might mean in your own backyard, that might mean across the ocean. God’s family is very big and we as the Christ followers must respond to the crisis.

Luke 16:19-31 The story of the rich man and Lazarus is oh so true. We have a lot of Lazarus’ here. They wait outside my house to ask for rice or shoes. Sometimes I hide my face, pretend like I do not see them, and then of course I get in trouble with God. But I just cannot do it all. I need you. I need my friends and my family to back me up. We need the church at the forefront of the line fighting for these lives. I feel like, and I know, that someone out there is coming to help. Someone is ready, maybe that someone is you. We need more followers to say I am in. Send me.

Please don’t tune out their cries, and please don’t tune out mine. 

If anyone would like to donate to these families or to any need in this country, you can make a donation at Loving Orphans Global under my name.

A 50lb bag of rice is $25.00.  5 gallons of clean purified Culligan water is $7.00. To finish our construction to bring these children under a real roof during the storms is $50,000!!

 James' house

I want you to watch a video by Eric Ludy on Youtube. It is called "Depraved Indifference"
Matthew 19:21 “If you want to be good, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. The come, follow me.”

"We cannot love authentically if we are not willing to sacrifice"

Thursday, July 3, 2014

La Limye Ministries

La Limye Ministries

Location Arcahaie, Haiti

Contact : Ellen Humerickhouse

U.S. Phone: 901-351-2420
Haiti Phone :  011-509-3722-8116

Mission Statement: “I am sending you to them to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in Me.”  Acts 26:17-18


1.    A 3,000 square foot area built for up to 20 orphaned or abandoned girls of any age who are in need of a nurturing home to learn and feel the love of Christ.

2.    An adult community center focused primarily on literacy classes, English courses, discipleship classes, and biblical training. A ministry to educate, teach, and send out the people of Haiti to fulfill the Great Commission and help them rise above the poverty they are now in.

At present La Limye (La Limye means “The Light” in Haitian Creole) partners with Loving Orphans Global (www.lovingorphansglobal.org) a California not for profit based ministry. Their design is to help missionaries get started, before they are able to go out on their own.

We are soon to begin the process of our 501c3 tax forms to make La Limye a stand-alone legalized non-profit ministry in Haiti so we won’t have to accept funds through another organization.

The land for La Limye was legally purchased in the fall of 2013 and construction began in January of 2014.

Construction Completed: 

·       The 12 foot security wall is already built topped with razor wire and a metal iron gate.

·       The foundation of the home is complete. The walls rebar is set, the first step of plumbing is set, and the walls are up.

·       The pit for the septic tank is dug

·       The water well is in the process of being dug

The total estimated cost of the completed building and grounds is $80,000. With what has already been built and paid for we are in need of raising about $50,000 more. Some examples of the construction that needs to be done and estimated costs are as follows:

·       Plumbing:  $3,000

·       Wiring:  $2,000

·       Completion of water well/pipes/set up $3,500

·       Solar panels for lights/fans:  $15,000

·       Generator for well pump:  $2,500

·       Cement and labor to smooth the walls:  $2,400

·       Rebar and cement for the roof $9700

·       Furnishings (toilets, sinks, propane stove and refrigerator, kitchen table and chairs, 20 beds and dressers, pots & pans,  curtains, etc.:  Estimated between $12,000 and $15,000

All of our construction workers are Haitian men from within the village. There are 2 professionally trained “bosses” that went through trade school in Port au Prince plus 8 workers. They make between 8-15 dollars a day which is the normal rate in Haiti.  The labor costs are not included in the building estimates.  The construction methods in Haiti are primitive. There are no power tools so all work is done by hand.  Wells are dug by shoveling dirt in a bucket tied to a rope and hauling it up and dumping it, cement is mixed in a wheel barrel with water that is carried from a stream ½ mile away, etc. 

Ongoing Costs

Once we are up and running some other ongoing costs will be:

To run the generator for pumping the water from the well for showers, toilets etc. is $5.00 per hour.

$4,000+ will be needed every month to run and maintain the ministry. In that cost includes: food, limited electricity, soap, school supplies, ministry supplies, bottled water, medicines, gas, staff, etc..