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The Journey

    This month marks 8 years living in Haiti February marked 10 years of being a follower of Jesus.  The good, the bad, and the ugly  The blood, sweat, and tears  The highs and the lows  The mountain tops and the valleys  The births and the deaths  the thrills and the burnouts I’ve named babies and I’ve bought caskets.  I’ve watched the child overcome starvation and watched starvation kill the child.  I’ve seen miracles and I’ve seen witchcraft  I’ve seen the work of God and I’ve seen the work of the devil.  I’ve dreamed dreams and lost visions  I’ve had nothing and I’ve been full.  This island has taught me to grow up faster than I thought I would through my 20s. This island life taught me how to pay taxes, drive without a GPS, and negotiate through any and every purchase. These people have taught me how to love no matter what, forgive even when it hurts, understand that not everything is right vs wrong but sometimes just different.  They’ve taught me how to fight instead of flight. T