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# 5 Well, I didn’t believe them. You arrived at my gate as a crippled 24- month- old. But you were so small. I thought there must have been a loss in translation. You were so lifeless. But your teeth showed it all. You had a mouth full. Your molars had come in. And on June 30th , I learned how vast, how different, how strong the types of malnutrition are. I’ve seen the swollen kind. I’ve seen the skin and bones kind. And now I’ve seen the crippled and stunted in growth kind. You came from up north. A very desolate, poverty-stricken community. Your care-giver didn’t know how to write her own name, she didn’t even know the day you were born, so I will pick a day for you. A special day that the Lord has made. For you. Your legs are bent and crooked but you can stand. They stay very bent when you try to walk with me, but you are able to walk. My hands in yours, we do physical therapy every day. You were left in the dirt. Afraid of spoons and forks and any kind of food other than c

July pictures

My girls are growing up so fast! Annia is 4 months old now and can sit up. Ciarha is 7 months old and just got 2 teeth and has started to crawl. Dachena is 16 months old and is finally gaining weight even though she dances all day long. Ketchina is 24 months old and is able to stand on her own 2 feet without assistance now. Noldine will be 4 in August and is the best little helper. She loves to play hide and seek with her sisters.


“God doesn’t see the same way people see. People look at the outside of a person, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7 And in my eyes, this was perfect truth and validation to the people of David’s day. David was the youngest of 8. The runt of the family, some might like to say. The Hebrew word for “youngest son” is Haqqaton. Not only does it mean the baby of the family, it also means the least. The lowest rank. The shepherd boy. There are 66 chapters in the bible that talk about David’s story. Other than Jesus, he is the most talked about in scripture. And this made me want to dig down deeper and look at the heart of David, after all, he was “a man after God’s own heart.” Max Lucado put it like this: “God saw what no one else saw: A God-seeking heart. He took after God’s heart, because he stayed after God’s heart. In the end, that’s all God wanted or needed. Others measure your waist size or wallet. Not God. He examines hearts. When He finds one set on him, he

If its His will, there is always a way.

“Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.” I’ve read this verse 1000 times but it never really registered with me until now. I’m able to see Abraham's faith more clearly. He was against all odds, except for Gods. The world probably thought he was crazy for expecting a baby at such an old age. The crowds would have rolled their eyes in disbelief. Why Abraham? They might ask. What makes him good enough to get a son at his old age? The answer is his FAITH. He had faith. I read in a book one time that “even the great Abraham had NOT EARNED his standing before God but had received it as a GIFT when he BELIEVED God. Sometimes God makes us wait. Most of the time I lose faith and patience while waiting. Perhaps Abraham did too. Sometimes we try to accomplish it our own way. We try to "help" God to make something happen quicker. For Abraham, at the beginning, it was easy to believe he would get a son. He was young, his wife was in child-beari