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Home away from home

  These are some of my sweet children in Haiti. Please keep them in your prayers. I will be heading back to my home away from home in just over a week. I am looking forward to being tackled with hugs from my little friends. Hearing my name yelled all the way down the village road. Feeding a hungry baby or giving one a bath and seeing a small smile come over that hopeless face. But with all the blessings of going back, it also comes with hardships. Little Noldine is 2 years old and can not walk or talk. We will be taking her two hours away to a good hospital all the way praying that this sweet child can get some medical help. She is neglected and always sitting in the dirt. Alone. And it is not her fault. But the older she gets, the more she will think it is. She will go off knowing she is not wanted that she is just another statistic.  Pray that we can shine a light into her families eyes. Pray that I know what to do in the situations when I am faced with this. Pray

It's starting to blossom!

The 11 foot security wall around the land is ALMOST finished!!! Praise God for the work that has been accomplished for this vision to blossom. This wall was needed for security reasons. Next is the house! This wall cost about 10,000 american dollars to finish. One bag of cement is $8.00us. Labor is about $10.00 per day per person. Loads of rocks/sand/rebar/water and eventually a little touch a paint and the first step towards La Limye Ministry will be completed. Thankyou to everyone who has prayed for this ministry. Next step is the house! A 6 room house with generators, solarpanels, ceptic water tank, electrical, plumbing, labor,  and a lot of beds should take around $80,000.00 american. I know God will provide this through His hands and feet followers! Praise God! Once the house is built we will start the construction for the ministry rooms. (We may begin classes starting next month by having sessions under a tent until the construction is completed.) These will

A troop carrier

"In the 1940s the United States  commissioned the SSUS ship. It was an 80 million dollar troop carrier built for the Navy. Designed to carry 15,000 troops into war. The fastest most reliable ship. It could go anywhere in the world in less than 10 days, it was a beauty.  The only catch was...  it never carried any troops. Instead it became known as a luxury liner. But as a luxury liner it could only carry 2,000 troops who could enjoy 3 bars, 2 theaters,   heated pools, 19 elevators, and the comfort of the first fully air conditioned passanger ship.  Instead of a vessel for battle the SS became a means of indulgence for wealthy patrons who wanted to sail peacefully across the Atlantic ocean.   Lets ask ourselves a question.  Are we as the church a troop carrier or are we a luxury liner? Because the two look radically different.   The faces of soldiers preparing for battle look a lot difference than the faces of patrons enjoying their bon bons.   Our use of resources ar