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From Then Until Now

From Then Until Now. One year. Wow. It has been a whole year since La Limye opened the doors and welcomed in the first baby girl. One year of lots of laughter and lots of tears. Memories that I’ll never forget and celebrations that will forever be engraved in my heart. One year of learning the ropes to being a mother figure to the most wonderful group of girls. One year of sleepless nights and bouncing through the hallway 10000 times trying to get the babies to sleep at 2am. One year of watching these girls hit milestones and beat malnutrition like warriors. One year of more sickness’ than my body has ever had. One year of crying out to Jesus and leaning on the only shoulder I had, His. One year of learning to be more independent and taking care of others before myself. One year of answered prayers and joyful recoveries. One year of dodging bullets and gas bombs. Lockdowns and plan B’s. One year of falling more and more head over heels in love with my Savior. Of risking


I don’t even know what to say. My whole being is numb. Every ounce of my fiber cries out. If only I could hold you one more time. Kiss your sweet cheeks one more time. Listen to that still small tune that flowed out of your mouth... one more time. She was born in the wee hours of the morning on February 26th. Her mom wanted her dead…but she was rescued. Then the mom fled. Perhaps it was the plan all along. She became number 8 into La Limye. She was so beautiful. I cleaned her up since she hadn’t been cleaned after making an entrance into this world, and I wrapped her up nice and warm and frantically called hospitals to see who could help her. I was scared as I held her three pound body so closely to mine. Living out in a rural area of Haiti meant no doctors close by with the materials needed that could help. She needed a place that had the resources to take in premature babies. So we made the drive. Over an hour in the car as I kept my hand on her little heart to make sure it was sti