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Starting this Journey

Well I am in Haiti! Been here about 5 days now and getting a little settled. Went to the grocery store to get food. 50 dollars of food in the states was about 200 dollars here!.... needless to say I will be doing all my shopping in the markets now! I went shopping for a mattress…. down a narrow sketchy alley passed by many rooms with crooked tin doors to be lead to rows and rows of matresses. Got my water tank filled up on my roof on the second day by a man climbing up the side of my house. It is pretty much a steady drip but it’s better than nothing! It is about 120 degrees in my house! Thank the Lord for fans!! I have gotten to go to the orphanage a few times that I stayed at during my last visit to see all the children. I missed them so much! The family I am staying with is very nice. Two toddlers live here and they are still not sure why I am in their house! We do not have electricity here but I bought a generator so I could cook a little bit on a mini bur


Haiti: Where the sun never blinks, the clock never ticks, and the love never ends. This is where my life will be residing for the next... who knows how long. I will begin teaching secondary English at one of the local high schools. I will begin helping to feed and nurture 30 beautiful children at an orphange. And I will begin pouring my heart into young teenage girls, teaching them to put their trust in our Lord before men. And most of all I will begin relying on my King Jesus everyday and trusting that our Lord has the perfect plan for his people and for his kingdom. I don't have all the answers and I don't know exactly what this journey will look like but I know God will equip me for the road ahead, and I want to ask you to help me in prayer. Luke 14:27 - Anyone who does not carry My cross and follow Me cannot be my disciple. Vs. 33- Any of you who does not give up everything you have cannot be my disciple. People might think I am crazy for going on this road.