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A change of Scenery

A few days ago, Sophia’s heart stopped. CPR was accomplished but not without brain damage being done. She went 24 hours breathing on her own but her little body was tired, so she is now back on the machine. The doctors asked for me to come to the hospital immediately. They were not sure if this would happen again and if CPR wouldn’t be effective the next time because of her inflammation. I took the hour and a half drive to the hospital when I received the call. Her temperature was dropping, her blood pressure wasn’t great, and we thought we were starting to count down the hours. Well, my little warrior is still fighting like a champ. But that night was long. I didn’t know what would happen. After arriving to the hospital around 4pm, I decided I needed to stay the night, even though I hadn’t brought anything with me. Time past slowly as I stood next to her bed, without chairs available, in a crowded room with other sick ones, and a lot of beeping machines. She can’t see me and I don’

2018 Big News!

La Limye is expanding! After receiving 3 sweet girls with special needs into the children’s home and realizing that no school in our city will accept them because of their disability, the dream became a vision and a learning center and therapy center for children with mental and physical disabilities is underway!!! Construction will start in February and it’ll take about three months to finish! I am at awe of my good good Father and although nerves are setting in at the thought of the details needed to make this happen, I’m excited to see these children get the education, nurture, and love they deserve. I am starting to realize where my fear and stress comes from though. It is because I think and feel that I am doing this by myself. I forget who stands with me and before me and behind me. Jesus said to Philip, “where shall we buy bread, that these may eat?’ But this he said to test him, for He Himself knew what He would do.” (John6:5-6) “Send the multitudes away, that they may g


Sophia. #11 “Someone has to cry for them, someone has to intimately feel their pain, someone has to hold them, fight for them, someone has to be with her…and that someone is you. God has chosen you to care for them, to care for the weak and the forgotten. At times it may feel like a burden, a struggle, a hopeless challenge, but it is your honor to serve Him and His children. God will make things right….beauty for ashes. We know this is not our home. In the meantime let us try to do all we can to further His kingdom before His return.” -Tony. You never said the journey would be easy, Lord... but you promised it would be worth it. You promised to give me Your strength through it. Right now, I need it. It is an honor to serve you. Even if it means my heart gets shattered into one thousand pieces. Hydrocephalus, Spina Bifida, Meningitis, breathing machines, feeding tubes, IV, medications, paralysis, seizures, mental and physical disabilities. The prognosis kept getting worse as I