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One Year Ago Today

  One year ago today.   I left on a whim. School was delayed a whole month so I decided last minute to fly to the States to visit family for 10 days and get some last minute supplies.  Half way to the airport the newly established gang was out in full force. Bullets flying, cars abandoned, tires spinning in the mud. And although I had been taking an armored car ever since I was held up at gunpoint earlier in the year, I was still told to lie down and stay down. The gang members were running down the side of the mountain and coming up behind us.  You’ve probably heard the rest. We made it to the airport, I flew to America, and then had absolutely no idea that the next time I saw my girls would be 6 months later in a brand new city.  ——  It’s been a full year since I’ve seen La Limyè Ministries home base. The 5 beautiful buildings full of so many memories, a house full of personal belongings, my sweet guard dogs and so many dedicated employees, neighbors, and ministry outreaches that sto

10 years in Haiti

   August marks 10 years living in Haiti and   February marked 12 years of being a follower of Jesus. So I’m reposting something I partially wrote a few years ago because the testimony of His faithfulness is too good not to share… The good, the bad, and the ugly  The blood, sweat, and tears  The highs and the lows  The mountain tops and the valley lows The births and the deaths  the thrills and the burnouts I’ve named babies and I’ve bought caskets.  I’ve watched the child overcome starvation and watched starvation kill the child.  I’ve seen miracles and I’ve seen witchcraft  I’ve seen the work of God and I’ve seen the work of the devil.  I’ve dreamed dreams and I’ve lost visions  I’ve had nothing and I’ve been full.  This island taught me to grow up faster than I thought I would through my 20s. And now my early 30s. This island life taught me how to pay taxes, drive without a GPS, and negotiate through any and every purchase. It taught me how to be bold, watch your back, and let go of

May 2023 update!

Our May 2023 update! Just an appreciation post about The Supplier of all good things.  It’s been so evident over the last few months of Gods faithfulness and goodness and outpouring of love towards us.  Nothing is simple about this season and yet God has proved over and over again that He’s graciously in control and His love will sustain us and His people will help provide for us and His grace is sufficient in our weakness.  So many ways we’ve been blessed in this season of changes and I can’t help but praise Him during it all.  The rental house, our belongings inside, the better sense of safety, finding a church, getting a school tutor, being able to afford food, respectful and dedicated employees back home, electricity and running water and green grass and a car with gas in it and connections to new friends here. And of course all of you that I know are praying for us and encourage us so often.  So many blessings. He’s been so good to us in this season of change. The good far outweig

March 2023

A much needed update for 2023  In March we were…. 🌟🌟🌟 REUNITED!!! 🌟🌟🌟 After 6 months of so many tears and questions and confusion not knowing what will happen or when or how… God parted the seas, He performed the miracle, He made the way and I am FINALLY back with my girls!! But…. It’s not at La Limyè. Unfortunately Haiti has gotten worse, not better. The gangs are still in control terrorizing the city, towns, and villages. Famine is real, kidnappings are rampant, and everyone lives in fear to walk down the street.  With one of the gangs having taken over a community just 20 minutes from us I decided it was time to evacuate the girls. Our town started to have a few issues but nothing major. But out of responsibility for these girls’ lives and for precautions, I evacuated them to a new city. A safer city. The girls and a few employees took a boat then a plane to a new, TEMPORARY home in a new city far away from the gangs.   La Limyè is still up and running by the brave employees w