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Ministry update December 2022

 I know I’ve been quiet on here lately and it’s mainly  because the grieving process of separation comes in waves of manageable to unbearable.  Sometimes I’m just at a lost for words and can’t seem to be fully present here when I’m mentally there.  It’s been 118 days since I’ve tucked my girls into bed. 118 days since I’ve squeezed them tightly in a bear hug and kissed their sweet cheeks. 118 days since I’ve told them to be nice or zip your lips or clean your room. 118 days since we’ve sang songs together in half English and half Creole, or played hide and seek, or gone to the famous gas station convenient store because that’s about all there is to do in our town for fun.  I miss my job, my house, the Haitian culture, and most importantly the little ones I’ve raised for so many years. It’s been by far the hardest season to accept but God has been faithful. Little glimpses of light He shines down faithfully. He holds my broken heart tenderly and carries me through each day.  The ministr