Saturday, September 5, 2015


Rahab A woman with a past to whom God gave a future Joshua 2-5 A prostitute, a harlot bound by the life chosen for her. Everyone in her pagen city knew about her occupation, but none knew about her heart. She'd look out the windows from the gates of Jericho and ponder about the God of Moses. She had heard the stories, heard of the power. Parting the Red Sea, manna from heaven, water from rocks. She thought to herself, what good would stone idols do against a God that controlled wind fire and sea? She lived amongst her people, but did not think like they did. 2 spies were sent to check out the city and fell into the path of Rahab. "Because the Lord knows His people wherever they are, even when they're locked inside a pagan city" From her faith, her heart, her boldness, the walls fell, she was free, and the promised Messiah would come through her family. At times it might seem we are living in the walls of Jericho. Not feeling worthy, not feeling good enough, but knowing that His mercies are new every morning. At times it seems we live with the people who don't understand. Who see our past but not our future. We try to convince the nation of His powers. Powers that could never come from a carved statue. Trying to convince others that His love is enough. More than the worldly attatchments. Better than our worldly idols. Look for the path of righteousness and follow it. The things of this world won't save you. We must surrender the feelings of lust and pride. We must stop the hunger for attention, the immodest dress and crude language. The alcohol, the drugs, the lying, the cheating. The darkness We all have a past, we all have fallen short of His glory. But may we not continue to walk in the dark. We are not of this world. We must act different. Be the outcast in the pagen city. Be the believer. You've heard the stories, seen the miracles. He's coming back soon and will rescue us. No matter your past, just like Rahab, He will give you a future. There are many Rahabs in Haiti. Humans that can't seem to get past the darkness, the poverty, the fear. Women born into it. Not able to choose the path. But I know our great God is working in and through their lives and I know that no matter what life throws at them now, the light will shine on and they will have a testimony like no other. Admist extreme poverty, they still believe in His goodness. Join me in praying for the Rahabs of Haiti. We will overcome evil, by faith.