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Care Packages

 The mother of one of my students in our Special Education/Handicap learning center asked me for a job the other day.  I know she desperately needs it.  La Limyè already pays half of her yearly rent for her house because if not she and her daughter would truly be homeless.  I’m encouraged that she’s asking for work, not just handouts…but I literally have no work to give her. Every position is full and I can’t think of any job to just “make up” for her to do.  The rise in prices, the fall of the economy, the insecurity…it’s crippling for these people.  All that to say, my employees need to be paid, the girls have to be fed, school fees need to be met, but right now the most dire need is to help our neighbors.  It would be a blessing and truly an answer to prayer.  I have 26 employees  23 families in our Special Education learning center.  Around 35 in our local church.  Any extra we raise can go to the people in our village which would be around 75 people!  For $15.70 each we can provid

Reality in this season.

I can no longer travel freely.  I no longer feel like I have a choice on what I want to do.  I can’t be seen on certain roads at certain times.  No one stateside can come visit me.  The gangs have spread out and their power seems to have grown too great for anyone to stand up against.  The people are hungry.  The hungry are starving.  The churches are mourning.  Willing to risk my life to serve here is now a higher cost if that means it’ll affect my children and their future.  I hired an armored car service to take me home last time I flew in.  Life as we knew it seems too distant to remember and the new season seems too much like a taste of hell on earth for the Haitians just trying to live.  And yet I’m surrounded by the most selfless, God fearing, humble Haitians who even with a paycheck I know it’s still hard to make ends meet.  The Haitian currency was about 40 gourdes to every American dollar when I moved here and now it’s 120 to every 1. Costs have risen. Help has fled.  And if