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I am "that mom"

"That mom" I had my first experience of being "that mom." You know the one that is trying to do 100 things in the morning. The one who is trying to get Noldines uniform on only to find out her shoes don't fit with socks. The mama who realizes I only have purple brets for her hair (hair that I don't even know how to braid yet) and she desperately needs blue brets to match her uniform. That mom that sends my child to school with a lunchbox full of scammbled eggs because there's nothing left in the pantry. The mom who wakes up early to get ready herself only to have that plan destroyed when the baby decides to wake up with a fever. The mom who, admist the stress and the chaos and the wild, arrives at school at 7:03 and feels like they have accomplished the greatest tackle in the world. The mom who selflessly will wake up tomorrow and do it all over again. I am a mom. I didn't become a mom the most normal way, but I am still a mom. And being a mom isn&