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An orphanage

He was about 35 years old. His 3 year old and 5 year old with him. His voice cracked as he held in the tears and asked me to take his children. He showed me old, worn pictures of his boys, his wife, his wedding ceremony, the identification cards. He came from another city. 2 hours away. I saw his pain. I saw his sunken eyes. He was ashamed, embarrassed, tired. He had done everything he could do to care for his children, but it still wasn't enough. So his last resort was an orphanage. Most families I meet want their children, but can not simply provide for their basic needs. I thought about this dad. So embarrassed to have to ask for help from a young girl. So ashamed that he could give his boys a better life. I think of his wife. Where was she? Probably at home. Grieving. Wondering if she will ever see her boys again. Knowing this is the best solution for her children. Believing that she made the right choice for their sake. She didn't come with them on the journey to my h