Thursday, December 17, 2015

An orphanage

He was about 35 years old. His 3 year old and 5 year old with him. His voice cracked as he held in the tears and asked me to take his children. He showed me old, worn pictures of his boys, his wife, his wedding ceremony, the identification cards. He came from another city. 2 hours away. I saw his pain. I saw his sunken eyes. He was ashamed, embarrassed, tired. He had done everything he could do to care for his children, but it still wasn't enough. So his last resort was an orphanage. Most families I meet want their children, but can not simply provide for their basic needs. I thought about this dad. So embarrassed to have to ask for help from a young girl. So ashamed that he could give his boys a better life. I think of his wife. Where was she? Probably at home. Grieving. Wondering if she will ever see her boys again. Knowing this is the best solution for her children. Believing that she made the right choice for their sake. She didn't come with them on the journey to my house. How could she? The pain is too deep. The fear is too much. I think of the boys. They were so content when I met them. Happy boys. Holding each other's hands. Perhaps praying. Praying they wouldn't be sold into slavery. Praying they wouldn't be separated from each other. praying whatever house they live in next will have enough food for their stomachs. In their eyes I saw strength. At such a young age, watching their father beg, they were strong. They didn't cry out of fear. they stood close, in peaceful silence. This is only the first of many fathers I'll talk too. Only the first of many children brought desperately to my gate. And so I ask for prayer. Watching the father and his two sons walk away was so hard. My heart hurt wondering what will happen to the children now. What will the mom think when her boys come home. Probably a hidden joy. A fearful love. Another chance. We need prayer. As we open the orphanage in February, we will have many stories like this one. Where I have to lean fully on God in hopes that I'm making the right decision. Should I take them in or should I make them go. The heartache is coming, but so is the joy. Soon, my house will be filled with beautiful children. Children of all ages from all different backgrounds. Children who will learn their worth in God and will know they are HIS adopted children. I pray they come to a safe and loving house. Where they can play without fear. I pray they find the light. We need prayer. Most of you know we have bought more land. Once the orphanage is stable, we will start construction. Part of our plans is a school for adults. Where they can come and learn a trade. A place where they can learn to weld, or paint, or make jewelry. A place they can find a job. A place where we can get them stable on the feet so that they can care for their children. We want to start jobs. That's what they need. They want their children. They just need help. The plan for the orphanage is to take in the abandoned and orphaned. If a child is offered that has a family, we pray we can work alongside that family to teach basic life skills, hygiene, and a trade. This is our prayer. Will you help us? Our website is now up and running! Please prayerfully consider giving a Christmas gift that'll keep on giving! Donate today to the children's home and help be the hands and feet of Jesus this Christmas. And please remember to pray. For the ministry. For the children. For the families. Check us out at www.lalimye.com and see how you can change the future. One life at a time. Merry Christmas