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The days of Jesus

Beyond blessed that La Limye's board of directors and leadership team was able to come to Haiti in June. Here is one of the experiences that was felt. To all, Thank you all for traveling to Haiti to visit La Limye Ministries this past week and working to make the children's home a little closer to being finished. I personally feel blessed by everyone on the trip and am so happy about the new bonds of close friendship I feel for each of you. On the bus while passing some houses on a hill side Cathy made the comment that Haiti looks a lot like how she envisions Israel looked at the time of Jesus. Not just the landscape of mountains and ocean but the way the people lived then and now. I believe her perceptions are correct. In the time of Jesus people lived in stone houses, got their daily water from a well or pool and put it in jars they carried on their head. In Jesus' time was no air conditioning or refrigeration, most people had to walk everywhere, there was no

It's the little things in life

The days in Haiti that I love. That I'll never forget. The days when 10 people come to church in earnest rather than 100 that come to play. The days when we sing and dance for Jesus and no one thinks we're crazy. The days the girls braid my hair and ask me 50 times if it hurts When I sit next to an open fire in 100 degree weather cooking with Mary. Talking about life and love, orphans and poverty. She teaches me how to cook Haitian food and helps me with my creole Language. The days I sit with malange and think up baby names for her son that's coming in October. When Edverline tells me that Jesus loves everyone and ask why. The hours I hold Smeralda knowing that her small frail body is uncared for by her mom. And all I can do is hold her tight. When the neighbors come to give me gifts of flowers and plants. I love the days when Valerie come over and we play with baby dolls and watch Veggietales. I love house visits. I'll walk through the visit and sit on

He is able

It's like a miracle if you ask me. How can one change in an instant? How can one switch lives in a day? I go from being high-maintenance, OCD, insecure to sleeping with the rats, coaked in dust and sweat, and living off of protein bars. Shower pressure ----- drip drops Bed with a/c ------- floor with wind Cereal with milk ----- cereal with water Flushing the toilet every time ---- every 5th time Washing machine ----ditch water Trains ----- roosters Owning the road ---- holding on for dear life I arrived back in Haiti in June after a series of delays. Weather, Maintnence, luggage, lost crew. I knew that was the enemy trying to stress me, or maybe God trying to prepare me. Either way, I complained about the problems all day. Then I arrived. Back to reality. Poverty. Everywhere. 7year olds carrying their weight on their head in buckets of water, naked babies with swollen bellies playing in the dirt, Tin shacks lining