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Haiti - Level 4: Do Not Travel

 I read it, but couldn’t believe it.  Sadness and frustration flooded me. Again?  I mean seriously, again? This time around there aren’t any roadblocks, or looting businesses. This time around there aren’t any burning tires or falling asleep to the sound of gunshots.  Gas stations are still well stocked with fuel, kids are still in school, normal life seemed to be coming back in after so many weeks of lockdown last fall. But this time around it’s on a whole different level. As we are all shocked that Haiti is now a level 4 again…right up there with Afghanistan and Iran, we know that the issues going on are so heavy and so traumatizing that even though there are no burning tires like we are used to, level 4 is where we are and I have to accept that.  Day after day there are reports of kidnappings. There has been a huge rise of kidnappings in the last few months where ransom amounts are sky high.  Some days up to 15 victims. A few days ago it was stated 6 in one hour. Young and old,

When loving feels like failing

Sometimes, I feel like a failure. Like I’ve failed God. Failed humankind. Failed my job. I’ve been a people pleaser my whole life and it has caused me much harm. But what I’ve learned is that you can’t focus on pleasing people. You can’t help everyone. You can’t hold that weight. You were never intended to. You must only focus on pleasing and serving God.  Some days I want to throw in the towel…but don’t get me wrong, I love my job here. I love this ministry, and I love living in Haiti. I am nowhere near the “burnt out” stage, but some days I feel beaten, hard pressed, overwhelmed, mentally exhausted, and ready for a day off...or two. That is normal. No one said following a crucified Savior would be rainbows and flowers.  When these days come I catch myself feeling like I should have just stuck with being a waitress. I was good at that. I could handle that. I could see the issue like an empty glass and go fill it with tea. No confusion, no contemplating whether I’m helping whi

Jean Claudy

Jean Claudy 16 y/o 46LBS Stunted in growth, incontinent, nonverbal, severely malnourished.  The averge 6 year old boy weighs 46lbs The average 16 year old boy weighs 136lbs 25,000 people die a day from hunger. It is the leading cause of death killing more than AIDS/HIV, malaria, and TB combined. So ya, we can go on yelling at the waitress for the $10.99 burger having mustard instead of ketchup. We can go on and keep up with the celebrities, chasing after world success, money, and fame. We can buy the designer clothes thinking a label brands us. We can continue turning the channel, turning the page, or scrolling down and ignoring the hurt and the hurting surrounding us in a dying world. Or We can lend a hand, show that we care with compassion, give of your time, finances, and heart. We can love the homeless, and feed the hungry, and pour out hope and love. We can make a difference and chase after the only thing in this world that is worth anything.  Jesu