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My first baby, Miss Ania

Ania Dorvil (On-Yah) On March 24th the dream became a vision and the vision became reality. 2 years ago I went to the top of the mountain. It was there where I met some orphans and fully decided to build a home for children. Two years after starting construction, the children’s home opened. On March 5th I spread the word that the home was now accepting children. Every day I prayed and TRIED to wait patiently for the first little girl to arrive. On March 9th a beautiful brown eyed miracle was born. Where? On that same mountain in that same village 2 hours away that I went to two years ago. Her mother passed away after giving birth and the father had no way to provide for her. Milk was obviously limited so she was given tea her first two weeks of life. They would have brought her down to me earlier but they didn’t have the money for a motorcycle. I had to send someone up the mountain to bring the father and his daughter down because he didn’t have the $7.00 needed. Seven dollars