My first baby, Miss Ania

Ania Dorvil (On-Yah) On March 24th the dream became a vision and the vision became reality. 2 years ago I went to the top of the mountain. It was there where I met some orphans and fully decided to build a home for children. Two years after starting construction, the children’s home opened. On March 5th I spread the word that the home was now accepting children. Every day I prayed and TRIED to wait patiently for the first little girl to arrive. On March 9th a beautiful brown eyed miracle was born. Where? On that same mountain in that same village 2 hours away that I went to two years ago. Her mother passed away after giving birth and the father had no way to provide for her. Milk was obviously limited so she was given tea her first two weeks of life. They would have brought her down to me earlier but they didn’t have the money for a motorcycle. I had to send someone up the mountain to bring the father and his daughter down because he didn’t have the $7.00 needed. Seven dollars between life and death for this two week old. She couldn’t live on tea. She would not have made it long. So she arrived at my house in her father’s arms. Her father’s arms. He loved her. He was sad. He was quiet. He was embarrassed. And his only question was if he could get access to a phone, could he call me to check on his daughter. To get updates on how she is doing. And I said yes. If he lived closer, we could have given him a job, helped him raise Ania, given him hope, but because of the circumstances all I could do was take her. Promise him that she is in good care and that she will be loved.
He loved her so much, that he was willing to give her up. That thought blows me away. He loved her. But he knew what was best. I don’t know what my selfish heart would do in that circumstance. I wonder. It makes me think of God giving up his only Son. He knew what was best, but oh yes it is so hard to let go. Becoming a parent takes the sacrifice to a whole another level. I can see just a little bit more clearly now how difficult it was for God to send Jesus. To send him for me. For you. For baby Ania. Leading up to opening the home I truly struggled with the thought of raising these children. I wondered if I would be attached to them. I wondered if I would love them like they were my own or if it would stay as just being my job of being a “director.” I can truly say, I am in love. Ania captured my heart in a way I never thought possible. I am beyond excited to watch her grow up and become the woman God intends for her to be. I pray and pray and pray she finds the light of Jesus shining in her new home. That’s all I want. I want Jesus to be her best friend.
This new season will be a roller coaster. A season of learning the ropes and the highs and lows of being a parent. Being raised in an orphanage adds stress to a child and sharing a home with 10+ other children might be challenging. But we are ready. I went from being alone all the time, to having chickens, a baby, a nanny, a nurse, and two security guards in my house practically overnight. And more children are coming. I have already received word. But here is the problem. As I put Ania to sleep at night and as she wakes up in the morning, all she hears is the voodoo bells next door. I refuse to allow my children to be surrounded by these noises growing up. Night one with Ania, my guard said there was “voodoo” trying to get over my security wall. And it reminds me all over again how much more we still need Jesus. Just because the children have arrived, doesn’t mean we slow down. Doesn’t mean we stop serving. Now more than ever, we have to run with full force serving him and shining a light into this place. Once the children’s home gets stable, I want to build a school. I want to be a light bearer into the children and adults in the village. I want to teach them trade and jobs and education. But right now the home is priority. But we truly need your help. A few hundred people giving $3.00 a week can get La Limye Ministries funded. Can feed my girls. Can provide the ongoing English classes to hungry learners. Can provide the funds needed for saving these babies. Can provide the $7.00 to bring a 16-day old baby safely down the mountain. Amy Carmichael says “Naturally, our greatest need, next to prayer, is just the simple straightforward need of money- to feed our little ones and clothe them, and to provide for the long journeys connected with their redemption and all other expenses bearing upon the salvation of children.” $3.00 a week. That’s all. is now set up to take automatic monthly donations. Please consider helping. Every penny is an answered prayer. Once more children arrive, we will also start taking in interns to help with the children. if you are interested in serving in Haiti and being beyond blessed by the love you will receive from these beautiful people, email me at And lastly, if you or your church wants to bring a team down to serve, email us and we can give you direction. We would love to start construction on the school as well as teaching bible studies in the village and extra hands to help with tending to the girls in the home. 1 Samuel 1:27 “I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.”


  1. Dear girl! You are such a bright shining life for Jesus and my heart wishes I could be there with you and cheer you on! I'm praying for you intently and those beautiful children God has brought into your life! Thank you for serving and giving and loving unconditionally! You are greatly loved!

  2. Ellen, I'm just starting to read your blog...may I have you permission to share your story? I am just truly amazed and humbled and you and your children are constantly on my mind and in my prayers...
    Laurie Meier


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