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"Let my people go". -Moses

Sometimes I am drowning. Drowing from the waves of stardards I am to live by Drowing for the critics, the lies, the persecution that the devil throws at me Drowning for the thoughts of poverty I am trying to deal with Drowing from the constant thoughts that I am not doing enough, good enough, or put to prayer enough. The devil has a very strong grip... so does the world. And I am living in a place surrounded by both. Exodus 2:10 " She named him Moses, saying I drew him out of the water" Moses had a heart for the Hebrews but was too afraid, too insecure, too much under the waves to do something about it. Exodus 2:22 "Zipporah gave birth to a son , and Moses named him Gershom, saying I have become an alien in a foreign land" I was drawn up out of the water on February 16th 2011. I am living in a foreign land where the good Lord is leading me. Something I have learned: God doesn't throw us in deep waters to drown us, only to cleanse us. The deeper the


My name is Noldine and I live in Haiti. I was born on August 13th 2011, I was a mistake. Atleast that is how I feel. Most days I am left alone, in the dirt, hungry. I have some family but it is hard for them to take care of me. I am almost 3 and can not walk. My family has to walk far away to fetch water. Since I am crippled I am left alone. I can not talk but I think I know what they say. I am a statistic. I might die before my 5th birthday and if I do not start walking soon, I will live my whole life being teased. Some people may think I can not walk because of voodoo. My hair is turning orange from malnourishment, my bottom is rough from the ground. I am sad. All I know how to do is cry. But sometimes I feel like no one hears me. I have no toys, no sippie cups, and no teddy bears. My clothes are in shreads and my belly hurts. I am sad. Sometimes I dream of a better life. A life where I can run and play. Where I can run into my mommys arms and tell her I love you. It is a drea