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Rainstorms on cloud 9

I wake up to a video of large groups of men, women, and children fleeing their homes in the middle of the night because the gangs arrived and war is happening and they were forced to evacuate with nowhere to go. There is no motel down the road. There is no spare bedroom at your closest friends house. There is nowhere to go but they have to go, somewhere, in the middle of the night, with no street lights.  They run.  My phone beeped and I opened the message. A dead man lying in the road covered in blood and taxis and motorcycles are just passing by. It’s just another day, a new normal sight to see. Perhaps gunned down by the gang. Perhaps apart of the gang and gunned down by police. No one knows. Did he lose his way as a teen and had no one to turn to? Did he get so desperate for food for his daughter that stealing was the only option he thought he had? Was that day just the day he would be taken from earth and his little boy is waiting for him to get home not knowing he’s drowning in h

Peace in His plan

 I want to eat cheeseburgers and drink milkshakes. I want to blow dry my hair and get a manicure. I want to drive in a car alone and go actual grocery shopping. I want to go to a church that speaks my language and be around the family that I’ve known since birth.  I do, I crave those things.  But I also love the freedom of no expectations here. No stress if my hair is a mop and my clothes don’t match. Eating cereal with water because I can’t buy milk is ok because at least I have cereal and there is nothing else to tempt me like expensive fast food. I love waking up to roosters crowing and children playing even if it is 100 degrees inside. I love being stuck and stranded if that means there is always time to study the Word and know Him more and never the hustle and bustle that neglects that time. I love that when everyone is secluded to their homes more than not these days that means I cling to Jesus, my best friend, that much more. Because although it hurts, it makes me stronger. It m