Sunday, April 27, 2014

Updates and prayer requests

I just want to share a few updates and prayer requests and some stories from the journey thus far!

A HUGE thankyou goes out to Charlie and Donna Dickinson, Jerry Lantz and Kids Against Hunger for donating close to 2000 meals to La Limye!!! We couldn't have been more blessed! These meals are packed with nutrients and vitamins to strengthen the malnourished! I can not wait until we can start cooking these for the children and watch those bellies start growing! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for feeding the hungry.
Matthew 25:35&40. "For I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat. Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for Me."
We get to feed our King and his children! How amazing is that.

La Limye has a prayer request: A CAR!!
The one we had, the transmission broke, we got it fixed but it could only go about 30mph and could not go backwards! A trip to the city would take ALL day! I have looked at several around Arcahaie and have found a few decent ones. Because they are all imported they will be more expensive! A 1998 suv is easily $6,500. We are hoping to sell the one we have for around $1,500. If anyone has an extra car that they would like to ship over through customs or if anyone feels the need to donate toward this need we would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!! Praying hard that construction for the ministry will not have to stop because this need came up.

I have been taking a motorcycle from my house to the village.... A little scary but it got me from A to B.... until we drug two guys across from my house out of the street after being hit by one! Still have not heard if they are dead or alive. I have a friend in the village that fell off one and has been getting treatment from another missionary nurse down the road from me!! There was about 7 wrecks on my street last week! I have seen one to many dead bodies in the street. Please consider helping me get to the village safer and easier so I can love the lease of these.. in one piece!!
When I had a car I would take children home from school from the back of the village to the front...it was always a good laugh to watch the children try and figure out how to open the door.( most have never riden in a car before) pulling the seatbelt or just jumping out the window does not open the door!

We had a pretty rough week last month on the street where I live. I awoke at about 3am to shots being fired in front of my house. The next day I was on lock down, stayed low, and could not go outside. A group was protesting against the government and started a big riot. When it had calmed down for an hour or two I was taken down to the local orphange to sleep for higher security and safety. The local police, UN, and the SWAT team made their appearance with gas bombs and bullets. Everyone on my street left for several days.. some to the mountains, some to the bushes. About 30 people slept inside the orphanage gate trying to hide. A 9 year old was shot and killed because of all this.

The US Embassy send out an email warning about a Chikungunya disease spread by misquitoes. Prevention included long sleeves, window screens, and air conditioner...I think I will just have to lean on prayer!

Luciana has gone back home to live with her mom again. Praying that it is for the best. Prayers for her would be a nurture to my heavy heart.

I have had four mamas offer 6 kids to me in the past few weeks. Praying for Gods guidance, Gods timing, and His will to be done!! For now I will do what I can to feed and nurture these beautiful
children until the construction is finished!

Next step for construction is the base cement floor! Around 200 bags of cement will be needed. It costs around 8 dollars per bag so about $1,550. I am hiring a truck to mix it to save on labor costs. The truck bussiness will cost $788. Two ceptic tanks will be dug for around $938. And they will start electrical wiring under the ground before they build the walls. The first step of the process will be about $700. Thankyou Jesus that YOU will provide in YOUR timing!!

A fun little tip: if your feeding 50 people in Haiti, A $7.00 bag of macaroni will do it!

We have had a few deaths in the village recently. Word got out that it they were voodoo releated. There is a spiritual world out there that is hard for us to understand. The devil is alive and well and is using his power. Pray with me that all his power will flee from the village. May the walls of the temple like Jericho fall. May the people see that OUR GOD IS BIGGER!! Please do not harden your hearts because these people chose to worship him. Let us stand up and work against him! Let us profess how great our Savior is! Lets fight the fight!!! Glory to God.

God is working in amazing ways in the country of Haiti. I have realized while living over there just how powerful prayer is! Some days I do not know if I will make it, emotionally and physically I am drained some days but I would not want to be anywhere else!! Every hardship, every obstacle, every tear is worth it. May God get all the glory!

All of your prayers and letters and greetings are such a blessing to me! It gets lonely over there but knowing I have a faith family and prayer partners gets me through it all!! Thankyou for all the encouragment. God is good. All the time!

Monday, April 21, 2014


The foundation is finished the rebar is in place and the plumbing is set!! Next step is digging the ceptic tanks and pouring the cement floor! Construction has come to a stop for right now. All in Gods timing! He will provide! Thankful for all the hands and feet who have helped make this possible! Humbled by the beautiful hearts that have cared about, prayed for, and donated to LA Limye! Let's get the walls built!!


"He looked up above the preacher and he sat and stared at Him.
He said forgive me Father when he realizes,
That he hadn't been unloved or alone all his life.
His arms were stretched out as far as they'd go. Nailed to the cross for the whole world to know.
I love you this much and I am waiting on you to make up your mind...do you love me to?
However long it takes I'm never giving up.
No matter what I'll love you this much"
Lyrics by Jimmy Wayne

Happy Easter!

We love because He first loved us!
1 John 4:19