Dachena 13 months old. Abandoned. Starved. motherless. These are the words I received when I got the call that my 3rd child was about to join La Limye. On April 29 she was carried into my house, practically lifeless. Hollow eyes, enlarged stomach, weighing 11 pounds. She was so little. Every crevice of every bone showed in her fragile body. She couldn’t even pull herself to sit up from lying down. She didn’t make a sound. I held her little body for what seemed like forever. Holding her tight. Wondering how long she sat on the side of the road, in the dark, all alone. Repeating over and over again “Jesus loves you.” Wondering if I could get her the nutrients she needed. Or if it was already too late. Malnutrition. I hate it. The way Dachena feels is like the way we feel when we are sick, but 10 times worse, and every single day of her entire life. So she is irritable. she is cranky. She is worn. But she holds on to hope. The only movement she had was to reach her right hand out as far as it can go. Hoping someone would put a piece of food in it. She miraculously started to gain energy quickly and found out that all the food is in the kitchen. Every time I would carry her in the kitchen, she would move her body and try to smile. She was so excited. Food at her fingertips. Whenever she wanted it. No more searching. No more begging. She has never been given milk and still refuses to drink it. Her favorite food is bananas and cheese. She has 4 little teeth and can crawl like a champ. She has brought so much joy into my life. She now can wave bye bye and clap her hands. Any day now she will start walking. She snorts all the time and laughs constantly! Her arms are still smaller than my 2 month old, but she is gaining weight and gaining strength each and every day. She is my best friend. She is a child of GOD. The definition of a miracle. I thank God for holding her tight her first 13 months of life. For keeping her alive. For making her beautifully and wonderfully made. I see Jesus in her eyes. Her beautiful, strong eyes.


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