Saturday, July 10, 2021

Armed men and armed Angels

 We live behind a 9 ft cement wall with not one but two rows of layered barbed wire on the top. Once you get through that, we are inside a concrete house with multiple metal security doors and bars on every single window. If that’s not enough, there are armed guards standing watch in the property and a handful (or two) of dogs that are VERY territorial. 

And then the only thing that really matters.... We have the God of Angel Armies watching over us and this property. A God who knows all and sees all and who is worthy to be trusted. Even in the unknowns and the what if’s and the dark middle of the night eerie sounds, He above everything else, is worthy to be trusted. 

It would be such a tragedy to not accept that confident security that’s readily available will a quick call on His name. That All-powerful, All-Knowing, God of Angel Armies in your most anxious, worried and fear driven nights. 

Post traumatic stress disorders can cause lasting affects for months or years to come. It’s debilitating and crippling because of its strong grip of “this is what did happen, which means this is what might happen again.” 

For me, flare ups or triggers have come in a variety of ways. A knock on the gate if they use a rock instead of their hand which sounds louder, a balloon that pops sounds like a shotgun, a drive down certain roads that caused fear in the past, dogs barking at 1am, kids being sick and the road to the clinic is blocked with burning tires....

But God is faithful and no matter what comes my way, no matter what comes your way, He is still in control. His plan will prevail. His will will be done and we can trust in that. Fully. Completely. 

God is God and HE IS GOOD!

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