Life turned upside down update #3

 Haiti update #3 

October 5th  

They lost almost all cell signal on Monday in our area. I called 12 employees in different parts of the city trying to find anyone with a little signal to check on the girls. One of my employees got on my roof and we were able to talk for 2 minutes before it cut off.

I fell apart from not being able to talk to them and check in. This has just been a roller coaster of emotions.

Early yesterday morning I received a message from the nanny who’s incharge while I’m gone and she said “ou pa bezwen pè Ellie. Estrès ap fè w malad. Si ou malad li pa bon pou nou. Pa bay tèt ou pwoblèm. Nou byen tifi yo anfom.” 

“You don’t need to be scared Ellie. Stress will make you sick. If you’re sick then it’s not good for us. Don’t put problems in your head. We are ok. The girls are good.” 

Her strength and faith in the middle of the fire is stronger than mine as I’m sitting safely on the sidelines watching it play out from afar. She has always put me in my place when fear and the enemy try to stir up stress within my soul. She has confidence and trust that even if, God is still good. Even though, God is still in control. Even when, God still has a plan. 

The girls are still somewhat ok on the most basic supplies as long as they keep rationing. 

All the employees are still showing up to work everyday even though I don’t have a way to pay them completely for September yet. The local church had some money saved up for the next phase of construction and they let us borrow that to give to each of the employees last week so they could help their families. A beautiful blessing. 

Haiti is still paralyzed. Cholera has arrived, the filtered water companies shut down because they don’t have fuel to run their operations. 

I received notice yesterday that our school is obviously postponed until the unknown future. 

The poor are going multiple days without a bite to eat. The gangs still rule the roads and hold the power. 

All the ships that bring our imported food can’t unload and be transferred throughout the country because of blocked roads and no gas so shipping companies could be coming to a standstill. Which means all imported food won’t come or perhaps tries to come but can’t be dispersed. And SO much of food in Haiti is imported. Even our bags of rice that everyone eats says USA on it. People can’t find formula for their babies, farmers can’t get to market to sell their milk, buyers can’t go to work to get cash to even buy milk, It’s honestly the beginning of a famine if things don’t drastically change very soon. 

My heart is shattered for what these people are being put through.  

Continue praying for safety, food distribution, fuel, the government, the dying, the gangs. 

Pray for a miracle.


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