Childlike Faith

 I want to be like Ketchina. 

While chaos fills the house and her sisters are pitching fits and annoying each other and crying for no real reason and some are taking a bath and some are brushing teeth and Mommy Ellie is raising her voice for just a little bit of order and peace in the house and the nanny is running around looking for toothbrushes and towels and it’s loud and chaotic and hectic and messy and I’m frustrated and tired and bossy…

And then there’s Ketchina. 

Sitting peacefully on the bench singing her hymnal songs. 

Not paying attention to the wreck around her. 

Not paying attention to the mess around her. 

Not paying attention to the chaos around her. 

Just peacefully singing songs to Jesus while awaiting her turn to take a bath. 

I wanna be like Ketchina. 

Turn off the worldly news and the social media and the bad mom judgments and the security warnings and the chaos and stress in life. I want to block it all out, ignore it all, and just sing. Sing to Jesus. 

Having special needs and disabilities comes with their own set of challenges, but goodness this child is so full of joy and innocence and freedom. 

Freedom to sing when the world is a mess and not even being affected by it. 

Keep singing, sweet girl.


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