Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Jean Claudy

Jean Claudy
16 y/o

Stunted in growth, incontinent, nonverbal, severely malnourished. 

The averge 6 year old boy weighs 46lbs
The average 16 year old boy weighs 136lbs

25,000 people die a day from hunger. It is the leading cause of death killing more than AIDS/HIV, malaria, and TB combined.

So ya, we can go on yelling at the waitress for the $10.99 burger having mustard instead of ketchup.
We can go on and keep up with the celebrities, chasing after world success, money, and fame. We can buy the designer clothes thinking a label brands us. We can continue turning the channel, turning the page, or scrolling down and ignoring the hurt and the hurting surrounding us in a dying world.


We can lend a hand, show that we care with compassion, give of your time, finances, and heart. We can love the homeless, and feed the hungry, and pour out hope and love. We can make a difference and chase after the only thing in this world that is worth anything.  Jesus. Only what’s done for Him will last. 
Giving of your time, money, heart, until it hurts won’t even compare to what Jean Claudy feels like as he goes to bed hungry. Not hungry, starving.

-Spread love with open eyes and open hearts-

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