Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Community Center

It is with so much joy and built up anticipation that I get to announce La Limyè is building a community center for outreach projects!! --------------------------------------------- This has been my dream and vision for so many years. To have a place for the local Haitians to come and get blessed. To have opportunities. To learn and grow in their understanding of Jesus and to have endless ways to learn in skills and knowledge. A HUGE thanks to all of our generous donors! We truly could not have done this without each and every one of you. Whether by English classes, church services, bible studies, teaching trades and skills such as woodworking or literacy, we now will have the opportunity to pour into the lives of the Haitian people under the shade of a roof and away from the beautiful, though noisy 11 little girls in the front yard!------------------------------- The pavilion type community center will be directly next to the school for children with disabilities and will also be used as a cafeteria for the school children. It will seat approximately 132 people with a stage, two bathrooms, and a kitchen. It'll take four months to build and will serve as our multipurpose building for all ministry outreach programs. I am most excited, not only for what we as a team at La Limye here on the ground in Haiti can do, but even more what our mission teams can do as they come in to train or teach for a week at a time. Education classes on health, hygiene, welding, plumbing, biblical studies, reading, writing, wellness, cooking... the list is endless of ways we can help love on and teach the locals in our area.
Thank you in just an understatement of the gratitude we have to those who have made this possible. You're changing lives. You're being Jesus. You're being a light. A bright, bright, light. Our goal, our main mission as La Limyè ministries, it to bring others to Jesus Christ. It is to plant the seeds and water the garden and watch God work in the lives of his people. So, whatever we do, however we do it, we do it for Jesus. To bring honor to his name and to bring people to a closer relationship with Him. It's the only reason la Limyè exists. For Him. By Him. To Him.----------------------------- Also, be on the lookout for new updates on the school as it's getting ready to open in the near future. We are in the middle of setting up classrooms this week. 24 anxious kids are ready to start learning and we can't wait to see how this school not only affects the children, but even more the guardians of the children whom never thought their child would get a chance at school. For some who thought their child was cursed for having special needs. We're going to show them the children of God they are and just how much jewels really are worth in God's sight. Through every child that walks up our handicap ramp. That is our mission. To show them their worth in Jesus Christ and to shine shine shine all for God's glory.

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