Friday, July 29, 2016


# 5 Well, I didn’t believe them. You arrived at my gate as a crippled 24- month- old. But you were so small. I thought there must have been a loss in translation. You were so lifeless. But your teeth showed it all. You had a mouth full. Your molars had come in. And on June 30th , I learned how vast, how different, how strong the types of malnutrition are. I’ve seen the swollen kind. I’ve seen the skin and bones kind. And now I’ve seen the crippled and stunted in growth kind. You came from up north.
A very desolate, poverty-stricken community. Your care-giver didn’t know how to write her own name, she didn’t even know the day you were born, so I will pick a day for you. A special day that the Lord has made. For you. Your legs are bent and crooked but you can stand. They stay very bent when you try to walk with me, but you are able to walk. My hands in yours, we do physical therapy every day. You were left in the dirt. Afraid of spoons and forks and any kind of food other than crackers for that matter. Your hair was so thin and orange but when you grin, you light up the room. You scrunch your nose and stick out your tongue. Every night you would put yourself to sleep. You would lie down wherever you are and close your eyes. You are little, but in your eyes, I know you are old. You’ve witnessed more in your lifetime than I have in mine. Only time will tell the type of mental issues you might have, but, Ketchina, you are so beautiful. I could not have asked for a sweeter toddler. I’ve seen God work miracles a lot these past few months. So I surrender you to Him. One day you will walk and talk and grow. Until then, I’ll rock you to sleep and feed you rice with my fingers, and kiss your sweet cheeks.

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  1. This is just the sweetest and so full of love. Always praying for you. Always